Tuesday, November 24, 2015

MakerSpace Inspiration

All of my students eagerly dive into any assignment that includes creating an object from our MakerSpace closet. When they have a clear objective, it is easy to decide on a path. I've noticed some students are a little overwhelmed when the closet is opened up during free time. They want to create something wonderful. They just aren't quite sure where to begin.

One afternoon I spent about thirty minutes researching interesting crafts for kids and creating a padlet full of ideas for my students. I tried to pick things my third graders would be able to create on their own with just a little help from me. My students know that I will try to help them find any supply they need, if they just ask. I usually wait until mid-year to share the this with students to see what they will come up with completely on their own. I thought other students might enjoy my MakerSpace padlet, too.

By the way, I adore padlet.com.  If you aren't already using it in your classroom, you should check it out. It is a great way to share several age-appropriate, on topic links with your students quickly. The best part is the padlet will still be in your account next year when you teach the same topic again!
Happy Making!