Thursday, November 12, 2015

Taking the Stress Out of Math Test Review

The closer we get to a math test, the more stressful math class becomes.  I know there is a limited amount of time to help each child master the skill.  We started using Math In Focus three years ago.  I finally have a group of students with enough experience with this Singapore based curriculum, that I feel like we can move at a reasonable pace.  However, we still have that test deadline looming and not everyone is ready.  After a particularly stressful day-before-the-test review, I invented a better way.

In 3B, the rowdy kids have a Math Dance Party.  Task cards with review questions are placed around the room.  Each child has an answer sheet and a pencil.  I play appropriate dance music, and the kids work on the problem in front of them.  When they solve the problem, they may dance to the music.  When the music stops, everyone moves to the next task card and starts again. The task cards are closely matched to the test.  If a child is able to get most of the problems correct with music blaring, I assume he or she is well prepared for the test.  The rowdy kids have a blast dancing and burn off some energy.  It also lets me know who is still struggling.  If several students missed the same question, I know it is a topic I need to review.  Any set of task cards in any subject will work for a dance party as long as you have enough cards for each child.  If you need to review for Math In Focus: Chapter 4 for 3rd Grade, Subtraction to 10,000, visit my TPT store for the same Subtraction to 10,000 Dance Party used by the rowdy kids in 3B.